Jan. 25, 2018 - one more appointment to go for Ubenimex trial

I went up to Stanford on Jan. 8-9th, 2018 for my measurements appointment and lymphoscintigraphy after taking the Ubenimex or placebo for 6 months. My skin thickness and leg measurements improved during the trial. Also the lymphoscintigraphy showed that my lymphatics improved. Dr. Rockson, his team, me and my husband Steve all think I was on the drug (it is a double blind study so no one knows for sure.) So I feel better, and I am glad that I could do the study even though I had already had SAPL surgeries for each leg and was better off than most that have this awful lymphedema. I have been off the drug since Jan. 8th and so far feel the same. I don't feel cured, but I do feel better and I don't think the compression garments are working as hard as they did before. I don't sleep in any compression and I don't get in them until after I jump in my swim spa in the morning for some pool therapy. I go back next Wed. for follow up and will give you guys a new post then. Good luck and hopefully Dr. Rockson and others searching for a cure and better therapies for us will continue to fight for us!