Aug. 16 2017 - good numbers at Stanford for Ubenimex Drug Trial

So after four weeks of taking either the placebo or the Ubenimex, I am pretty sure I am getting the study drug for Stanford's latest lymphedema research. My leg measurements all decreased as did the thickness of my skin. I had some fibrotic tissue in my left foot from a minor wound after 2015 SAPL surgery. That foot is getting softer and the skin thickness measurements showed improvement in both legs. My husband Steve also agrees that my left foot feels much better. The earlier research on the rodents all showed improvement, and what is important is the residual effect was good. The study results showed less swelling and better skin condition, and the good results did not go away after they took the rats off the drug. Good to know as this drug won't be approved until 2020 or so. So hopefully when I finish the drug trial in Jan. 2018 I will have had improvement in swelling and skin condition from it and this drug will get approved for the many that could benefit from it. The links to the trial and the drug study info are in the previous blog post.