Second Surgery is Done - Oct. 21.

I am super stoked to be on the other side of my Suction Assisted Protein Lipectomy by Dr. Jay Granzow. He removed about a gallon of lymphedema sludge out of my left leg and lower abdomen. Surgery was Oct. 21 Wednesday morning around 8:30. I was in my hospital room about 3 pm after a couple of hours of recovery. My leg is all bandaged up and looks smaller even with the bandages on it. I can get up and walk to the bathroom and get my computer out of my backpack. Tomorrow (Thurs.) likely around noon we are going to check out and go to the hotel. Fri. Julie the physical therapist will check my leg and put on two compression garments on my right leg. Class 3 and a Class 2 on top. It won't be pleasant but after I heal up I will be doing great. I have a Theraplate to help with the healing and in 6 weeks I will get back in the swim spa I found on Craigslist last year. My right leg is even smaller since I am doing those two therapies and watching my calorie intake. I thank everyone that donated to my GoFundme site and helped Steve and I pay for this life changing surgery. It is too bad that most insurance companies won't help lymphedema patients and I urge you to send a letter via the to help get congressmen to support this important bill. To find out about Dr. Granzow visit