California Health Insurance must pay for compression garments.

I just found out via the Lymphedema Guru on Facebook that California requires health insurance companies to pay for lymphedema wraps and garments. So my job today will be to call them and find out if they will now help me!!

I posted on my Facebook page: Looks like California health insurance companies have to pay for compression garments for lymphedema patients as of July 2013. Thank you Lymphedema Guru for sharing that info - now I get to educate my health insurance company - wonder if they will reimburse me for my $900 jobst custom panty hose I paid for last Dec. - be better if they paid for my surgeries and help me get rid of this expense - $1800/year for Jobst to wear every day and $3,600 / year for CircAid to sleep in every night to prevent me from swelling up like a fat tick / getting cellulitis and other medically expensive stuff - wish me luck!!!

Only 26 days to go for my first surgery. I’m getting excited!!

A good source for lymphedema sufferers:

The link for the news about California:

Also share the Lymphedema Treatment Act with your congressman:

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