Lymphedema Act is making an impact.

I received this email today – hopefully California is next:

Dear Cheryl,

Last week Louisiana passed a state lymphedema treatment mandate! 


Like the North Carolina and Virginia mandates already in effect, this law will require that all private insurance policies sold in that state cover compression supplies. The Louisiana bill was passed unanimously by both its state House and Senate, and now all that remains is for the bill to be signed into law by the Governor. I’ll be in touch with more details when that occurs.

How did this happen? It’s all thanks to one amazing advocate on our Louisiana State Team
She made change happen and so can you!

We need your help to pass the Lymphedema Treatment Act so that patients everywhere, including Medicare beneficiaries who can’t be helped by state mandates, have coverage for their compression supplies. If your Representative is not yet amongst our cosponsors, please continue to contact his or her office.

I urge you to call your Rep’s DC office, this week, and speak to the Health Aide. When you do, ask for his or her direct email address so that you can send this information about the bill. A link to look up the phone number, as well as lots of helpful tips on what to say and what questions to expect, can be found in our Advocacy Handbook.

I can’t stress enough the importance of you making this phone call. Personal contact is the key. We need your Rep as a cosponsor and you have the power to make that happen. 

Thank you in advance and Happy Memorial Day!

Heather Ferguson
Founder and Executive Director
Lymphedema Advocacy Group